We are expanding services to Wyoming and specifically the Cheyenne, WY area where we see the need for Fiber To The Home ( FTTH ) Internet Services. 

If you received a mailer or a referral from a neighbor or friend,  we are considering delivering FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Internet service to your neighborhood and are trying to find the level of Interest before an investment is made.


The service would be low latency and extremely fast, we would bring fiber optic connectivity all the way to the home and install a fiber NID on each home ( Network Interface Device ). This NID will connect to your home WiFi router to provider service. We will have a nominal installation fee of $150 as long as you sign up initially when it is brought down the street, you will be able to get signed up at a later time but the installation fee would be $300, we are offering a discount while we have crews in the area.

Some Information About Fiber To The Home ( FTTH )

Study shows home values up 3.1% with access to fiber