What does a typical Internet install look like on my home or business?

A typical installation uses a 16″ dish mounted to the exterior of the house, usually on a corner or roof. Below is a picture of a typical installation.

How does Celerity Broadband deliver high speed broadband to my home or business?

Celerity Broadband uses a high speed fiber backbone and state-of-the-art wireless equipment to deliver high speed broadband to each subscriber. Click Here for a system overview.

Can I use Celerity Broadbands’ 8Mbps Broadband plan to stream Netflix and similar services?

Yes! With Celerity Broadband 8Mbps plan, subscribers will have access to 8 Mbps download speeds. Typically, Netflix requires only 3 Mbps to stream continuously.

Is the amount of data I can Download/Upload limited?

Not at all. Celerity Broadband does not instill any data caps. Feel free to stream as much data as you would like!

How is my Celerity Broadband equipment connected inside of my house or business?

Celerity’s indoor equipment is nothing more than a power supply and a customers standard broadband router. If you have had to move or unplug your equipment please click here to view our standard connection diagram. This should be everything you need to get back up and running.

Celerity Standard Connection Diagram

I would like to put my account on auto pay what payment types do you support and how do I get setup?

Celerity can take any type of Credit Card for monthly Auto Pay and we encourage all of our customers to move to auto pay to prevent disruptions in service if the event we do not receive your monthly payment. At this time our system does not support auto pay by checking account direct deposit. If you would like to go on auto pay just download the form below, fill it out and sign it then send it back to us via postal mail or email:

Celerity Broadband Auto-Pay Form

Scan and Email the completed form to: accounting@celeritybroadband.com


Mail the completed form to:

Celerity Broadband LLC
106 W. Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501